How you've helped this amazing NHS midwife through the Nursem Promise

How you've helped this amazing NHS midwife through the Nursem Promise

The Nursem Promise Midwife AJ

Since day one we have been inspired by nurses' and midwives' care and compassion, which is why we started the Nursem Promise. When you apply your hand cream, somewhere in the UK a hard-working NHS professional may also be applying theirs – all thanks to your purchase.

So far, we've helped over 100,000 nurses and midwives through the Nursem Promise. But today we would like to share how the Nursem Promise has helped one midwife in particular…

Amazing midwife AJ who received the Nursem Promise

Alexandra James (or AJ) is a NHS midwife at Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital. She has been a practicing midwife for a year, and received a Nursem Promise Pack during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read AJ’s story about her life as a midwife below:

Life as a midwife

Being a midwife is without a doubt, one of the most challenging and most rewarding jobs there is. Nothing compares to the feeling of being with a woman, supporting her in one of the most life changing events she will ever experience. Throw a global pandemic in the mix and it’s also the most anxious, stressful, exhausting, confusing time in anyone’s life... both for new mums and healthcare providers alike!

Supporting the NHS

At the start of lockdown, the brightest light was shone on our incredible NHS, but in time the harsh reality of the situation has dampened the glow and it can be difficult to drag weary feet to the hospital for another shift of uncertainty. The tangible support from small brands and local businesses has meant the world to us, and Nursem is one of those incredible brands.

A relief for sore & hard-working hands

Their Nursem Promise to donate care packages to nurses and midwives is such a special initiative and the quality of the product is unbeatable... us labour ward midwives are hooked! Whilst regular hand washing has always been a reality of the job, additional vigilance during the COVID pandemic has taken its toll. The Caring Hand Cream provides instant relief and smells great too.

Nominate an NHS hero

Please take the time to nominate a special healthcare worker in your life or show your support and buy a hand cream so Nursem can keep donating their packages to nurses and midwives.

Follow AJ's journey as a midwife on her Instagram channel @theptmidwife

We distribute the Nursem Promise directly through partnerships with brands and trusts around the UK. We also reserve a proportion of the Nursem Promise so our customers and social followers have the opportunity to nominate a ward or nurse particularly close to their heart, or nurses and midwives can put forward their own team to receive the Nursem Promise. Find out more about making a Nursem Promise nomination here.

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