Receive the Nursem Promise

Find out how you & your Team can receive a month's free supply of intensive hand care

How do my team become part of the Nursem Promise?

For every product sold, Nursem promises to provide a free month’s supply of caring hand cream to nurses, midwives and other healthcare professionals, across the UK.

There are 3 ways for you & your team to receive this Promise:

1. Be gifted a Golden Ticket from a healthcare team that has already received a Promise Pack - and shared a delightful photo on social media!

Golden Ticket

2. Get your team nominated by a Nursem customer*


3. Follow us on Instagram or like us on Facebook - be the first to know about Golden Ticket & Promise Pack giveaways from ourselves and partners.

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*subject to eligibility requirements

Please note that previous sign-ups to the 'Nursem Promise List' will be honoured as set out in our T&C's