It's a problem that needs tackling!

Nurses suffer

From contact dermatitis during their career, due to excessive hand washing/sanitising required to keep patients safe

Times per day

Is the average number of times a nurse washes their hands every day, with some washing hands over 100X per day

Annual cost to NHS

Due to sickness absence caused by contact dermatitis

So how does Nursem help?

Our product was developed with nurses to offer immediate and targeted relief from the effects of relentless hand washing.

Skin friendly formula

With 9 active ingredients to soothe red, sore and dry/chapped hands - without leaving a greasy feeling.

Tested for use in Hospitals

Independently tested to be used in the hospital environment, alongside alcohol rubs and antibacterial hand washes.

Designed to delight

We've developed a specialist 'Promise Pack' which includes enough formula for up to 24 nursing staff, plus a selection of lanyards and other goodies


Just wanted to write and say that the hand cream has been a God send!   I worked two long days in a row recently.. and Nursem helped take the pain off and helped them heal quicker.

Jenny (Nurse)

I have to say Nursem is wonderful, leaves skin feeling soft and fresh even after multiple hand washes and applications during a 10 hour shift.

Hayley (Nurse)

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