The Nursem Promise

For every product you buy, we give a month's worth of free hand cream to a nurse or midwife.

Nursem Promises Sent

What is the Nursem Promise?

Since day one, our founders Antonia and Jonny knew they wanted to make a real difference, so with every product purchased, Nursem gives a month’s worth of hand cream to a nurse or midwife.

So far, we’ve been able to help thousands of nurses and midwives, and we’d love you to help us achieve our mission to give free Nursem to every single NHS nurse and midwife by 2025.

The Problem Nurses Face

is the average number of times a nurse washes their hands every day, destroying the skin’s natural protective barrier.

of nurses suffer from painful skin conditions during their career due to the excessive hand washing required to keep patients safe.

is how much the NHS spends on average per year to cover for sickness absence caused by contact dermatitis.

Nursem Promise News

Delivering 40,000 Nursem Promises to celebrate the NHS's 75th Birthday

We're proud to announce that since our launch on 1st March 2019 to end of June 2023, we're on track to send a total of 621,092 Nursem Promises. This includes the 40,000 Nursem Promises we are delivering to hospitals in Newcastle and Birmingham to celebrate the NHS's 75th Birthday on 5th July.

Celebrating 500,000 Promises

In 2022, on International Nurses’ Day we celebrated the milestone of sending enough hand cream to help over half a million nurses through the Nursem Promise 🙌 We published our first Nursem Promise Report to review our progress to date.

How it works

What you do

To support the Nursem Promise, all you have to do is purchase a product! Simple. We do the rest.

What we do

Every month, we pack and deliver Nursem Promise Packs to healthcare centres across the UK. Our Promise Packs provide a month’s supply of hand cream for a nursing team. 

What’s inside our promise packs?

Our Promise Packs contain four 500ml Caring Hand Cream Bottles, enough to care for a team of up to 40 nurses and midwives.

Are you a nurse or midwife?

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Nursem Promise FAQs

We distribute the Nursem Promise mainly through partnerships with NHS trusts around the UK, ensuring Nursem reaches staff members with the most acute need.

We also regularly launch campaigns to offer our customers the chance to decide where the Nursem Promise will be delivered. Sign up to our healthcare professionals mailing list above to receive Nursem Promise updates.

In an ideal world we would absolutely love to be able to help everyone through our Promise, and can assure that the amazing work carried out by workers across different sectors is recognised. Unfortunately, as a small business, we must limit our send outs to registered healthcare workers. Helping nurses and midwives was the key motivation in the launch of our brand, and at this time it’s important that we stay true to our mission.

Please see our map to find out where we have sent the Nursem Promise already.