Introducing our breakthrough new hand sanitiser

Caring Hand Sanitiser Nursem
We’re thrilled to announce that we have just launched our breakthrough new hand sanitiser – the latest formula in the Nursem range.

Our Caring Hand Sanitiser has been a long time in the making. We developed this product because we know first hand the damage caused by alcohol-based hand sanitisers. We get daily messages from healthcare professionals and customers alike describing the chapped state of their hands as a result of using alcohol gels – because they have to have a minimum of 70% alcohol content in order to be effective, they just destroy your skin!

We have spent many years developing a solution which we’re thrilled to share with you, our Caring Hand Sanitiser.

Totally effective, yet gentle on the skin 

Not only is our sanitiser super effective, killing 99.99% of harmful viruses and bacteria, but unlike alcohol gels, our formula is clinically proved to be as gentle as water on your skin. This is because we use an amazing ingredient called Hypochlorous, which is so natural you can even find it in your body as part of your immune system. In our sanitiser spray you’ll find the purest form of Hypochlorous available on the market. 

Our Hand Sanitiser is super skin-friendly; you can use it on children and babies, it’s Consultant Dermatologist approved so ideal for sensitive and eczema-prone skin, and you can also use it as a topical skin antiseptic. Not just this, but you can use our sanitiser on surfaces too – such as your car keys, your phone, anything surface that needs to be kept germ-free.

We have kept the formula as pure as possible and not added any fragrances, so you may detect a faint scent of the Hypochlorous upon application which has a very clean, slightly medicinal smell – but it disappears within seconds so it doesn’t linger on your skin.

Nursem Alcohol Free Caring Hand Sanitiser

Tested against coronavirus

And importantly, the Hypochlorous technology that we use in our sanitiser has been successfully tested against several types of coronavirus, including other viruses that alcohol gels are ineffective on.

Even though things are looking up after the past year, we still need to do everything we can to protect each other, and keeping your hands clean is such a simple and important way to do so.

If you have any questions about this formula, please refer to our FAQs here.

We hope you love our new product!

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