Caring for your hands now and beyond the pandemic

Caring for your hands now and beyond the pandemic

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Caring for your hands is at the heart of everything we do here at Nursem. We launched our brand at the end of 2018, with a mission to provide essential hand care to nurses and midwives, who often suffer from skincare issues due to frequent hand washing.

One year on, we never thought that our brand would be where it is today – at the centre of a global pandemic. Now that increased hand washing and sanitation that has become a central aspect of our daily lives, many of us know how it feels to have dry, sore, and over-washed hands.

In other words, many of us are gaining an insight into what it’s like to be a nurse.

We wanted to learn more

As a brand with a duty to care for the hands of our community, the effects of increased hand washing quickly became apparent during the outbreak of COVID-19. We received countless messages from people with recently developed skincare issues; chapped fingers, sore knuckles, and persistent dryness. It was important for us to gain a thorough understanding of how increased hand washing was taking its toll, so we could best advise our community on effective hand care and hand hygiene practices.

So, last month we created a survey asking our customers and nurses about their recent hand washing habits, and how they’ve been managing their skin throughout the pandemic. We had over 2,000 people respond, and here’s what we found: 

Hand washing during COVID-19

Hand washing during COVID-19

Nursem Promise hand washing COVID-19

Hand washing during COVID-19

There’s never been a more vital time to care for our hands. Our survey highlighted the extent to which people’s hand condition have changed since the outbreak of COVID-19, and how a little TLC for our hands goes a long way. Here’s what some people who took our survey said when asked how they’ve been looking after their hands since COVID-19:

“Using Nursem! I suffer from eczema and regularly have deep bleeding cracks in my skin. Despite the extra washing and all the hand gel, since using Nursem I have not had this at all since the start of the outbreak.”


“With constant hand washing my hands started to crack and feel very sore. Since using Nursem the problems have stopped completely and my hands are better than before COVID-19.”


“I tried many products during COVID-19 as I was still working so my hands were getting worse, but the only one that worked for me was Nursem.”

If you’re suffering from dry, sore hands from frequent hand washing, you can trust us to help care for your skin. Whether you want to learn how to wash your hands properly, how to incorporate hand care into your daily skincare routine, or to learn more about our Nursem Promise. The team at Nursem are at hand for any product recommendations and advice on caring for your hands during and beyond the pandemic.

A huge thank you to everyone who took part in our survey. We’ve gained valuable insight into people’s hand care habits, and we hope we can continue to look after your skin as we develop new products for all your skincare needs.

Keep washing your hands, and stay safe.