Nursem on BBC One's The Customer Is Always Right

Nursem The Customer Is Always Right

Nursem The Customer Is Always Right

In case you missed it, yesterday our amazing founder Jonny came in first place on BBC One’s The Customer Is Always Right! A selection of people reviewed Nursem Caring Hand Cream, and we had an overwhelmingly positive response:

“It [hands] definitely does feel softer, first impressions. I literally used the tiniest amount. And what I like, it doesn’t initially feel greasy. It made my hands feel really soft”.

“Already, my hands, which were feeling a bit, you know how they sort of sting a bit when they’re a bit dry and you’ve been working too hard washing your dog or doing the washing up or something? That’s gone. The cream is obviously quite long-lasting and quite durable”.

“It’s all starting to heal. They [hands] feel so much more moist. Before, they were very dry. They are much softer. It absorbs very, very quickly”.

“It’s been lovely. Makes your hands feel really nice and soft. My hands have been really nice all week, all the time I’ve been using it. And I’m really impressed with it. It’s really nice".

It was certainly a proud moment for the whole Nursem team as we gathered together on Zoom to watch our products showcased on BBC. Our hand cream was developed to combat the negative effects of rigorous hand washing, and it's great to know that customers both like our formula and the fact we help nurses with the Nursem Promise. 

Click below and head to BBC iPlayer where you can stream the episode, and discover what customers really think of Nursem... 

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