How to care for your skin with an effective body care routine

How to care for your skin with an effective body care routine
When you have dry or sensitive skin, an effective body care routine is crucial. This is especially important as over 57% of women having experienced an adverse reaction to a personal care product (British Journal of Dermatology). Despite this, caring for your skin is simple when you understand what products you should be using.

Whether you suffer from mild dryness or your skin is prone to irritation and sensitivity, we have some tips on things you can implement in your body care routine to effectively care for your skin.

An effective skincare routine doesn’t stop at the hands

Whilst caring for hands was our first step, many of us need all-over care with products that provide intensive nourishment. An effective body care routine involves putting as much care into what goes on your body as you would your hands or face.

An effective body care routine starts in the shower

Body care often focuses on products that rehydrate your skin rather than protecting it in the first place. Protecting your skin’s natural barrier whilst in the shower, especially when you have dry, itchy or irritated skin, is fundamental for an effective body care routine. Ultra-gentle soap-free cleansers that clean the body without disrupting the skin's natural pH are ideal for dry and sensitive skin, and help keep the skin conditioned post-wash.

Get to know what your skin likes

Even if you think you’ve got your skincare routine nailed down, the work can be undone quickly by irritating ingredients that come into contact with your skin. From synthetic clothes and bedsheets to washing detergents that contain harsh chemicals, being aware of your skin’s triggers is essential to keeping your skin protected and desensitised. Choosing a fabric that suits your skin can decrease dry, itchy or irritated skin. Soft, breathable natural fabrics such as cotton, bamboo and silk are often best for dry irritated skin. Meanwhile avoiding synthetic fibres such as nylon and polyester can help reduce irritation and flare-ups.

Hydrating vs harmful ingredients

Understanding the ingredients in your body care products can be the turning point in your skincare routine. This is difficult when you’re faced with long lists of ingredients on the back of products. Most you may have never heard of or let alone understand what they do. But knowing the basic yes’s and no’s can be transformational in knowing what keeps your skin balanced.

When looking for moisturising body creams for dry or sensitive skin, Hyaluronic Acid is great as it’s got a high molecular weight meaning it draws moisture into the upper levels of the skin. Another ingredient that cares for your skin is Pro-Vitamin B5 which facilitates cell regeneration and improves the skin's barrier whilst soothing and comforting the skin.

Meanwhile avoiding parabens, petrolatum, mineral oils and silicone can greatly reduce dryness and irritation.

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