Gift Ideas For Mother's Day

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Nursem Caring Hand Cream

What better way to celebrate Mother's Day, than by giving your gorgeous Mummy a natural and nourishing hand wash and cream. And If that’s not enough, say thank you at the same time to some wonderful nurses. Nursem promises that for every product they sell, they will provide a month’s worth of Nursem to a Nurse or Midwife.

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Nursem Caring Hand Cream


Give your mum a break, with one less thing to think about… the washing.  Smol delivers laundry capsules to your door. They are the most effective and concentrated capsules in the world. They are not tested on animals and most importantly, they leave you with the most wonderfully, clean clothes!

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Smol Dishwasher Tablets


If you’re struggling to think of a gift for your mother, then look no further. You definitely can’t go wrong with some very tasty biscuits. Whether you want to give one biscuit or a box, Biscuiteers is the perfect place to go.

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Dodgy Dogs by Jean Jullien

Does your mum love dogs, games and design? Then Dodgy-Dogs is the game for her. As featured on BBC, High Snobiety, DeZeen and The Stylist, it’s a brilliant and fun family game all about very naughty dogs. With 55 beautiful cards in each pack, illustrated by the world famous artist, Jean Jullien - your mum will absolutely love it.

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Dodgy Dogs

  • Chilly’s bottles
  • Its the craze, that keeps on crazing! Put the ‘Re’ in the Reusable and get your mum, one of these fun, eco-friendly, practical and stylish water bottles.

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    Chilly's Bottles

    Emma Bridgwater Mug

    Is your mum a lover of Tea? Then why not gift her with a beautifully decorated Mug.

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    Emma Bridgewater Mug

    Racing Demon

    The fast, furious and utterly addictive king of card games for all ages.  If your mum has a competitive side - then this is the game for her. As featured in the Daily Mail, Telegraph and the Metro, this is a brilliant game for everyone from 9 - 90.

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    Demon Playing Cards

    True Grace Room Diffuser

    Surprise your mum with a gorgeous smelling Room diffuser. It comes in a beautifully patterned bottle, and fills any room with a beautiful fragrance, leaving a lovely, warm atmosphere.

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    True Grace Diffuser

    Sara Miller Eye Mask

    Everyone needs their beauty sleep, especially our mums who work so hard. So keep your mum looking gorgeous and young, by gifting her with a beautiful, silky and lightly cushioned eye mask. They come in lots of different patterns, and are perfect to give as a gift.

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    Sara Miller Eye Mask

    Katie Loxton Clutch

    If your mum is always losing her keys, wallet or phone, then these beautiful clutches are perfect to keep all things in one place. They come in lots of different patterns and colours, and are a great gift for anyone.

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    Katie Loxton Clutch

    Holdsworth truffles

    You definitely can’t go wrong with some truly scrumptious chocolate truffles, which come packaged in a beautiful box.
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    Holdsworth Chocolate Truffles

    Elizabeth Scarlett

    As seen in Vogue, why not get your mum, a gorgeous, stylish wash bag pouch from Elizabeth Scarlett. They come in all sorts of colours, with different embossed patterns.

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    Elizabeth Scarlett Elizabeth Scarlett

    Neals Yard Bath Salts

    These bath salts are a great gift, to make your wonderful mummy relax and unwind before bedtime. These salts are infused with sea salt crystals all the way from South America. A perfect gift for a bath-loving mum. And if this isn't enough, then why not get one of their gorgeous smelling bath oils as well.

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    Neals Yard Bath Salts


    How about gift your beautiful mum, with the beautiful, vegan leather and velvet Jewellery stacker box. Extremely practical and great for anyone who likes their jewellery all in one place.

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