7 Winter skincare tips to keep your skin healthy during the colder months

7 Winter skincare tips to keep your skin healthy during the colder months
Much like the weather, for many of us, the condition of our skin changes with the seasons. It’s common that during the winter, our skin naturally becomes a little drier. This is because cold, dry air saps moisture from your skin’s upper layers, meaning our skin needs added moisture and hydration during the colder months.

From mild itchiness to cracked, red skin – symptoms of dry winter skin can vary. But with a few simple skincare tricks up your sleeve, you can keep your skin healthy and well cared for. Discover our effective skincare tips below and beat dry skin discomfort this winter season.

Hydration is key

Skincare is more than simply the products you put on your skin. Factors such as stress, lifestyle, and diet can all play a role in the healthiness of our skin – and keeping hydrated is essential. Staying hydrated has an impact on our health, from regulating our temperature to maintaining a healthy organ function. When our general health is in a good state it our skin has a better chance of being able to repair itself.

Make sure you’re not using water that is too hot

Jumping into a hot shower on a cold winter day may feel great, but hot water can actually cause dryness or worsen areas of dryness on our body. Be cautious of the temperature of the water when washing your hands, washing up or bathing during the winter. If your skin turns red upon contact, it’s too hot!

Moisturise daily

If using a moisturiser is not already part of your daily skincare routine, this winter is a good time to start! An effective daily routine not only improves the general condition of your skin, but it also means you’re more likely to avoid uncomfortable symptoms such as itchiness, dryness and redness before having to treat the skin with more intensive formulas. Our Caring Hand Cream used little and often throughout the day will protect your hands from cold, dry air.

Protect the skin’s barrier

When shopping for skincare, look out for ingredients that help repair and protect the skin’s barrier. Colloidal Oatmeal is an incredible skincare ingredient with powerful anti-inflammatory properties, meaning it helps soothe irritated and sore skin and helps facilitate the skin’s ability to repair the barrier. This ingredient can be found in our Caring Skin Fix, as well as barrier-repairing ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Pro Vitamin B5 and Allantoin.

Avoid further irritation

If your skin is already in a sore or sensitive state, make sure you avoid using skincare products which could worsen the symptoms. Products that use gentle, natural ingredients are the least likely to cause irritation. We’d also recommend avoiding fragranced skincare and opting for unfragranced products that are soothing and caring.

Look out for sulphates and harsh surfactants

Most soaps and shampoos contain harsh surfactants that strip the skin from its natural protective oils. Do you always find yourself getting dandruff or tight sore hands in winter? It’s likely you're using shampoos or washes that contain damaging ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). When you know which ingredients to avoid, shopping for cleaning and beauty products becomes a whole lot easier! Our Caring Hand Wash is soap and SLS-free so a great alternative to your everyday hand soap.

Use a gentle hand sanitiser

Since hand sanitation has become an important aspect of daily life, it's important to opt for a sanitiser that won't cause severe dryness. Most hand sanitisers have a high quantity of alcohol in them, which is incredibly damaging to the skin, stripping it of its natural protective oils. Keeping yourself and loved ones safe with germ-free hands is essential, and luckily, now there are alternatives to harsh alcohol gels that are just as effective in keeping your skin protected. Our alcohol-free hand sanitiser is effective on 99.99% of harmful bacteria and viruses. It's also clinically proved to be as gentle as water on your skin, so it wont dry them out or worsen symptoms of dry winter skin. Discover more about our breakthrough hand sanitiser here.

All Nursem skincare products are paraben free, ultra-gentle, and effective at combating dry and sore skin. Our range was also developed with nurses, who often suffer from dry, overwashed hands – including many symptoms of dry winter skin. We’ve seen some amazing skincare transformations from shoppers using Nursem, why not see the results for yourself using these winter skincare tips and bid farewell to dry winter skin for good.

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