Doubling the Promise with Space NK

We’re very excited to be working with Space NK, who have generously pledged to match the Nursem Promise.

In partnership with Space NK

How does it work?

For every product purchased at Space NK, twice the amount of free Nursem will be sent to nurses and midwives. The Nursem Promise is distributed through Nursem Promise Packs, which provide a month’s supply of hand cream for a nursing team. We send these out throughout the year to healthcare centres across the UK.

Thanks to Space NK’s contribution, our first partnership send out will help over 3,600 nurses, and will be delivered along with our scheduled Nursem Promise.

Why does this matter?

On average, nurses wash their hands 55x per day looking after their patients. As a result, nearly 90% of nurses suffer from contact dermatitis throughout their career. We developed Nursem to help protect their hardworking hands.

How can I help?

To support the Nursem Promise, all you have to do is purchase a product! Simple. Every month we pack and deliver Promise Packs to nursing wards around the UK.