5 (Completely Free) Ways To Treat A Nurse On Nurses Day

Nursem envelope
Today is International Nurses Day 2019 - But don't worry if it slipped your mind because we've conjured up 5 completely free and super easy ways to show that special nurse or midwife how much you care.
Brownie points guaranteed  👌

1.  Nominate them to win a FREE tube of Nursem

We're giving away 1,000 tubes of Nursem to celebrate Nurses Day.  All you need to do is nominate your favourite nurse or midwife by sending them a little message using the link below for their chance to win.  100% guaranteed to make them smile...


Nursem Free Tube Giveaway - Nurses Day 2019

2.  Post-Shift Bath

This one is by far the easiest so there really are no excuses!  Run the bath, light some candles, maybe even add some Himalayan rock salt for an extra soothing soak - timed perfectly for when said nurse/midwife returns from a long shift.

Double points if you include the next suggestion!

Person in bath tub

3.  Cook A Delicious Dinner

We've found 20 simple and delicious recipes courtesy of BBC Good Food that are sure to hit the spot after a long day at work.  This technically requires you to buy ingredients so not entirely free, but it's definitely a sure fire way to say 'Happy Nurses Day'.


Dish of delicious food

4.  Foot or Head Massage

If you're keen to impress and have a little extra time to spare, check out this YouTube tutorial on how to offer an Indian Head Massage.  Before you reach for the oils though read this guide for important safety info on massage.

Head massage

5.  Homemade VIP Pass (with card)

Last but certainly not least, this one always goes down a storm in the Nursem family and always gets requested time and time again at Christmas - so why not roll it out for Nurses Day.  The humble VIP card entitles your busy nurse or midwife to a whole day off, to do whatever on earth they want to.  Sounds simple, but 24hrs of freedom is sometimes the best medicine.  NOTE:  This could turn into a day in a spa, or dinner with the family, or something else quite expensive - so you've been warned!

If you want to print out or design your own VIP Pass - follow this link

VIP pass