Nursem Promise List - Terms & Conditions

Nursem has promised to give a month’s free hand cream to healthcare workers for every product that is sold by Nursem. 


The Nursem Promise List facilitates where we send free Nursem Promise Packs, if Nursem purchasers have not already specified a nurse.  Submitting your details using the Nursem Promise Form adds you to the Nursem Promise list. Once we have accumulated enough sales, we will send out a ‘Nursem Promise Pack’ (4 x 300ml) to the Hospital Ward or Clinic at the top of the free Nursem list, free of charge.  As sales accumulate, we will gradually move down the Nursem list. The more products we sell, the more free Nursem product we can give away and subsequently more healthcare workers will receive a Nursem Promise Pack.

However, as the success of this initiative depends on the number of Nursem products we sell, we cannot guarantee that you will receive a Nursem Promise Pack if you join this list.  


To be eligible to join the Nursem Promise list you must:

  • be 18 years old or over;
  • be a registered healthcare professional 
  • work in the United Kingdom; 
  • work at a recognised healthcare establishment, for which you can provide a valid postal address


We reserve the right to remove you from the Nursem Promise list and/or not fulfil your request to supply Nursem if we believe that:

  • you do not meet the above criteria 
  • you have provided us with false or misleading information 
  • your ward is already on the Nursem Promise list or has received a Promise Pack previously 
  • you have provided us with a residential address, not a ward/clinic address.