Introducing our new hand cream for hypersensitive skin

Introducing our new hand cream for hypersensitive skin
Ultra-Caring Hand Cream 75ml

Exciting news! We have added a new edition to the Nursem range: our Unfragranced Caring Hand Cream formulated specifically for those with hypersensitive skin. 

It’s always been important to us that our products use the most natural, quality ingredients and we never compromise on our formulations. Every single Nursem product has undergone extensive testing to confirm its suitability for use on sensitive skin – this ensures we can help as many people as possible with our skincare products.

But our Unfragranced Caring Hand Cream is a little different. For those of us whose skin type is hypersensitive – skin that’s particularly responsive to chemicals, dyes, fragrances, and even friction – we need something especially gentle, but equally effective. Our Unfragranced Caring Hand Cream contains the same quality ingredients as our Caring Hand Cream, but we removed the essential oils from the formula, making it perfect for people with particularly sensitive skin. 

Plus, now that we’re washing our hands twice as much since the outbreak of COVID-19, for many of us our skin is particularly aggravated and in need of some care. The Unfragranced Caring Hand Cream soothes, conditions and protects sore and dry hands, helping to combat the effects of relentless hand washing.

It’s also Consultant Dermatologist Approvedunfragranced and has already been massively advocated by those who have tried it. We recently sampled this product to over 1,000 people, and here’s the feedback we received from 781 of them:

Ultra-Caring Hand Cream 75ml Feedback Results

Whilst this product is especially popular for those whose skin is hypersensitive, it’s also the perfect hand cream for people who prefer unfragranced skincare in general. Having removed the essential oils, this product contains no fragranced ingredients. It has a very subtle neutral scent, which comes from the natural odours of the plant oils.

Is your skin ultra-sensitive, sore, and in need of some TLC? Treat your hands to some Natural Intensive Care with our newest formulation – the Unfragranced Caring Hand Cream.

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