Register yourself & your team for a months free supply of intensively caring hand cream

What is our Promise?

For every product sold, Nursem promises to provide a months free supply of Caring Hand Cream to nurses, midwives and other healthcare professionals across the UK

How do I sign up?

Due to amazingly high demand we've now closed the Nursem Promise list until we catch up with all the sign ups that we've had. Don't sweat it though.. leave your email below and we'll be in touch as soon as we reopen the list.

When will I receive my Nursem Promise Pack?

Once we reopen the list and have checked you are eligible for the Nursem Promise, we will work our way down the waiting list to your name. This is wholly dependant on the number of Nursem products sold to the public, so as we increase our sales - the faster we’re able to work our way down the waiting list.

Rest assured, we’ll be working as hard as possible to get down our list to your name.

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